is unique in the world. a self-made electro-acoustic music instrument, built from a professional field hockey stick. it is designed as single string monochord, which generates scales of overtones like a sitar.

the magical hokitron transmutes like a chameleon into a violin, guitar, bass, zither, percussionstick, even a flute or microphone for singing. it is handy for left- or righthanded users, can be played with a back- or forehand, upside down or right side up. it can be played with a bow, sticks, plectrum, bottleneck or with your hand and fingers.

the sound technology is based on a piezo electric ceramic element, which transforms physical vibrations into electric signals for the following analog synthesizer processor. this combines excellence in percussion with an original natural sound.

markus mühlnickel

is the orginator and maker of the hokitron. the artist and producer of the hoki sound was born in berlin in 1958 into a family of professional classical musicians. in 1966 he began playing the violin cello. from 1975 to 1978 he turned to jazz, rock and indian sitar music.

1979 he built the first electro cello in the world which played in a punkband. in the following years he played in many different formations with musicians from all continents.

in 2019 a hockey stick crossed his way and the magical hokitron came about. it was very surprising to watch the transformation from a sports stick into a music instrument. at the very least, hoki is the best instrument in the world, a really true friend.

public soundcheck

this summer markus tested the hoki and its electronic devices together with benjamin rapp and his guitar ‚van gosswald‘ at many locations in berlin.

the hoki and the van gosswald have played at potsdamer square, alexander square, brandenburg gate, friedrich street and on many bridges above the spree river or landwehr canal.

it was a great experience to join the new sound with other people. many kids were dancing and singing along.

all of the videos and photos were produced by carsten kaldun, berlin

future music

is in the air. there is more music coming with hoki and friends. you can book concerts, events, festivals and shamanistic healing ceremonies directly on this site.



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markus mühlnickel

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